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 DEVELOPMENT                                                                                       Current                 New boltless

 AND PRODUCTION        construction              construction                                    construction                 helmet

 Our staff’s thirty years of experience and our collaboration with many  direction of fire (Z) 120 mm  direction of fire (Z)  Screw socket  Balance
 scientific institutions from all over the world guarantee our quality. Our  80 mm  weak point                         point
 production facilities in Croatia (Prelog), Germany (Gütersloh), the Czech  dynamic indentation (trauma)  bullet track
                                                           disrupted bonding elements
 Republic (Chomutov) and Italy (Taranto) use  protective  arresting layers  stretched bonding elements                  60 mm
 state-of-the-art technology in order to improve the level of protection  area  bonding elements
 provided by our products as much as possible.  BEFORE  NOW       protective area              86 mm
 Our practical knowledge, in synergy with the academic and industry       additional                                                     26 mm
 related                                                         20 mm    protective
 knowledge of our partners and constant communication with                area
 our customers, helps us develop innovative ideas and proposals and  60 mm  40 mm
 always remain a cut above the rest.  2                            1
 Our company’s research department is proud to employ experts
 from various fields thus creating an extensive database  of
 knowledge and competencies at our disposal. From the research and  1  • Through the use of                  process, 100% of the material of
 application of new materials to cutting-edge technology – everything is       the helmet shell is used in the absorption of ballistic energy, after
 geared toward improving the protective properties of our helmets. This      the shot channel has been cracked open.  THE FULL BALLISTIC EFFICIENCY
 will always remain our first and foremost priority.  • Trauma is reduced by 30%
          • Protected area of the head is increased by 14%.                             Advantages of new boltless helmet:
                                                                                        • no weak points on a helmet
          • Helmets are able to resist more shots                                       • Protected area of the head is increased
          • The minimum distance between shots is reduced by 30%
                                                                                        • no possibility of secondary fragmentation
                                                                                        • no added weight
                                                                                        • due to the better fixation of the helmet on the head
        2  In the conventional process, only 50% of the material of the helmet shell is      by attaching the belt 60 mm bellow the helmet
          used for the ballistic energy absorption, after the shot channel has             balance point
          been cracked open.                                                            • the force on the chin by the belt is reduced

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